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Snow Shoe Running World Championship

geplaatst door Peter Beursgens op Tuesday 17 January 2012

Hello to all my Snowshoe Friends around the World!

     Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is an awesome year for you full of happiness, good fortune, good health and fitness! The 2012 World Snowshoe Championships will be taking place in eastern Canada outside of Quebec City early in March 2012. The event director and his team are preparing to host an amazing event building upon the success of the past serveral World Snowshoe Championship events;


2006 - Karl Posch - Dachstein Glacier in Austra

2007 - Karl Posch - Dachstein Glacier in Austra

2008 - Not Held

2009 - Not Held

2010 - Marc Campbell and Dave Howells in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada during the 2010 Winter Olympics

2011 - Katsuhiko Harada in Myoko Japan

2012 - Dan De Rosiers near Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

2013 - ??????


The ISSF is looking for a director who is interested in hosting the 2013 Worlds. After having been in North America in 2010 and 2012, Japan in 2011, we feel the event should return to Europe/Scandinavia. The International Snowshoeing Federation (ISSF) is looking for someone to host this event. It can be a "stand alone" event, or held in conjunction with an exisiting event. When the event was held in North America and Japan, it attracted international athletes from The USA, Canada, Japan, France, Finland, Italy, Switzerland and New Zealand. When last held in Europe in 2006 & 2007, it attracted strong fields from Italy, Austria, Finland, the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Germany. As the sport continues to grow and gain recognition and popularity, we feel this is a very important event to continue. We hope some of you will consider hosting this event in 2013. Even if you are located outside of Europe/Scandinavia, if you have some initial interest, please let me know. We will entertain interest from any site. We would think Europe/Scandinavia would be interested in seeing this event return there as it has been away for a few years. To see what can be involved in hosting this event, please check out the multi-lingual website dedicated to promoting the 2012 Worlds in Eastern Canada. You can find that at www.raquettequebec.com. As in the past, this has not been a large event, 50-100 athletes. But, it has been very competitive and we feel it will continue to grow as interest in the sport increases and travel costs decrease as our economies improve. Findng a site in Europe/Scandinavia would be very beneficial for many athletes as it would reduce the travel costs they would incur. If you have questions about the hosting of this event, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them, or put you in contact with someone who can assist you better than I can. Thank you for considering this request. we hope to hear from some of you soon. It would be great if we could announce the site of the 2013 Worlds at the upcoming 2012 Worlds in eastern Canada. By the way....it is not too late to send athletes to the 2012 Worlds. The Race Director is offering a great support package for incoming international athletes that will greatly reduce their travel expenses while maximizing their wonderful experience there. Check it out at www.raquettequebec.com. Thank you and Happy New Year!